Ruth Wyatt, LCSW, MA
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Support for Parents

Coping with difficult feelings and relationship problems is complicated enough without children.  Struggling with these issues as a parent poses its own unique set of challenges and questions:

.  How should I handle limit setting, sibling and peer relationships, co-parenting/single parenthood?

.  How can I take care of myself emotionally while still being a "good enough" parent?  

.  What do I do with my feelings of disappointment and anger towards my children?  towards myself and my partner?

In my work with parents, I address the whole person- from those issues that predate having children to the difficult feelings that having children stirs up;  from the intangible issues of identity to the more concrete, day to day decisions of parenthood.

I have published a number of parenting articles online including:  

.  just say no? a guide to setting limits with your child

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divorce, separation and parenting: a primer 

.  5 steps to fostering resilience in your child

.  tips for limit setting with your teen  

. 7 tips for discussing touchy topics with your child 

.  how to handle aggression in your child

.  why it's good to hate your kids